At Patrick J. Daly & Co. Solicitors we have extensive experience in dealing with property transactions, whether you are buying a property, selling a property or Re- mortgaging your property.

We have expertise in dealing with both residential (both new and second hand homes) and commercial property.

We will deal with all matters pertaining to the Conveyance, to include;

  • Setting out the potential costs and outlay which the client can expect to incur.
  • Dealing with all Pre-Contract matters to include investigation of title and planning documents.
  • Advising on Mortgage documentation.
  • Drafting of Contracts for Sale and execution of same.
  • Raising objections and Requisitions on Title.
  • Drafting Transfer Documentation.
  • Attending on Closing of Sale.
  • Stamping of Transfer in the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Registration of Title with Property Registration Authority.
  • Complying with undertakings to financial institutions.

Our aim is to guide you, the client, through each step of the Conveyance so as to conclude the transaction in a speedily and effective manner.

For more information on our Conveyancing services and to arrange a consultation please contact us.

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